The Cabal Effect

README By: Jorge Rodriguez
January 17th, 2016

~~~ Synopsis ~~~

   The Cabal Effect is an application originally conceived as an idea for a Hackathon. Its purpose is to provide a social playground for users to submit ideas for conspiracies while attempting to support their claims with use of text and media. This environment essentially becomes the conspiracy lounge for all to build elaborate concepts, which can be done by linking evidence from others conspiracies to create an endless database of incriminating evidence to support the user’s claims. People can then proceed to discuss with the creator and followers of a conspiracy within segmented threads where people can judge the evidence of the creator and provide counter claims or supporting material.

~~~ Motivation ~~~

   The motivation of this project was to provide a hub of communication for people who love and enjoy gossiping about life. Coming up with theories, both satirical and actual, generates an environment where users can express opinions which cultivates ideas. This creates a platform where information of past and current events can be discussed in a manner that people would find engaging.

~~~ Goals ~~~

~~~ Contributors ~~~

~~~ Disclaimer ~~~

   Current design implementation of Database was provided to make for easy prototype creation for reaching Hackathon deadline.